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Our seasoned team brings decades of expertise to deliver innovative, safe, and sustainable structural engineering solutions that meet the highest quality standards. We collaborate closely with all stakeholders, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. We are a partner who is committed to clear communication, timely delivery, and transforming your structural issues into a durable reality.


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Our commitment to unparalleled solutions and client satisfaction has established us as a trusted leader in the engineering sector for over three decades.

Preserving Public Safety Is On The Rise

The tragic collapse in Surfside underlines the critical need for rigorous building inspections and the indispensable role of structural engineers in safeguarding public safety.

The tragic collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida underscores the critical importance of structural engineers in building safety. Highlighting the severe consequences of neglecting regular inspections and maintenance, this incident illustrates the need for strict safety regulations and expert evaluations to identify and address potential risks like concrete deterioration and over-stress.

The Surfside disaster emphasizes that ensuring building integrity and occupant safety requires a proactive approach, including regular inspections, adherence to safety codes, and the engagement of qualified structural engineers. Their role is pivotal in preventing such tragedies by designing safe structures and recommending vital safety enhancements, underlining the shared responsibility to uphold the highest standards of structural safety.

Building Envelope:

Façade Restoration

This involves the meticulous inspection and subsequent repair or replacement of a building’s exterior walls and surfaces. This process is critical when the façade shows signs of significant wear, damage, or structural failure. Preparing a façade for replacement includes assessing the extent of damage, determining the need for temporary supports, and choosing appropriate materials and methods for the rehabilitation work. This ensures not only the aesthetic appeal of the building but also its safety and structural integrity, safeguarding against potential hazards such as falling debris.

Roofing Consultants

The roof is a vital component of the building envelope, offering protection from environmental elements. Roof replacement becomes necessary when repairs are no longer sufficient to guarantee the safety and functionality of the roof structure. This process involves evaluating the existing roof’s condition, selecting materials that meet current safety standards, and implementing construction practices that ensure longevity and durability. A well-executed roof replacement enhances the building’s overall structural integrity and energy efficiency.

Leak Investigation

Leak investigation is a critical aspect of maintaining a building’s envelope, involving the detection, analysis, and rectification of water infiltration points. This process requires a systematic approach to identify the sources of leaks, which could range from faulty waterproofing and sealant failures to compromised structural components. Timely and accurate diagnosis followed by effective repairs is essential to prevent further damage to the building’s structure and interior, ensuring the longevity and safety of the building envelope.


Thermal bridging occurs when materials that are poor insulators come in contact, allowing heat to bypass the insulation layer. This can significantly impact a building’s thermal efficiency, leading to increased energy costs and potential condensation issues. Utilizing thermal break materials and ensuring continuous insulation are vital strategies in mitigating thermal bridging and enhancing the building’s energy performance.

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Our knowledgeable, hard-working team is committed to exceeding your expectations. We’re experts in all facets of engineering design and consulting services. We’ve had more than 30 years of providing exceptional services because our motivation comes from knowing we can exceed client expectations at every turn. We have a wide range of experience across single or multidisciplinary projects.


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Our firm offers a comprehensive range of services including structural design and analysis, building inspections, retrofitting and rehabilitation of existing structures, seismic design, and forensic engineering to determine causes of structural failures.

We adhere strictly to all relevant building codes and regulations, utilize state-of-the-art analysis software, and our experienced engineers conduct thorough inspections and design reviews to ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Yes, we can provide the detailed documentation and plans required for permit applications and guide you through the permitting process with the appropriate authorities.

Our firm is distinguished by our 30+ years of industry experience, our innovative approach to complex engineering challenges, and our personalized service that prioritizes client communication and satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.

Recent Projects

Explore our portfolio of recent projects, showcasing our expertise in new structure design, modifications to existing structures, building envelope restoration, and comprehensive project management across a variety of challenging environments.


Mueller & Associates delivered comprehensive structural engineering design, modeling, and analysis for the laminated/tempered glass and steel support framing of a condominium’s 2nd-floor infill, ensuring load transfer to existing columns without affecting the post-tensioned concrete deck at 690 SW 1st Court – PH-2 in Miami, Florida.


Mueller & Associates, LLC inspected the facades of the 21-story historic McCormick Building, reported its condition to authorities, prepared repair budgets, and provided services including structural steel restoration above an active transformer and exterior façade inspections at 332 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.


Mueller & Associates acted as the engineer of record and Florida licensed special inspector, designing and supervising the restoration and waterproofing of both the swimming pool and parking garages at 345 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida.

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