Oglesby Towers

Project Scope for Oglesby Towers

Exterior façade & window leak investigation was performed at the Oglesby Towers. In addition, a subsequent façade & existing window restoration was performed.

Brief Project Overview

MUELLER & ASSOCIATES CONSULTING, LLC (MA) performed an investigation, and water testing of the existing roof, façade, and windows. As a result of MA’s investigation, it was determined that the exterior facade and windows were deficient. In order to prevent large window expenditures MA devised and implemented a plan to better drain the existing window enclosures and prevent full replacements, potentially costing the client millions. MA testing was successful and modifications were implemented building-wide, removing infiltration issues for the client at well-under-expected costs. Services provided include a Façade Inspection, Construction document preparations in the form of drawings, specifications, and bid table. A Façad restoration of the north, east, and west elevations were performed, in addition to water testing of the window assemblies.

Services Provided
Façade Inspection
Water Testing
Construction Bid Document Preparations


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