The Old Montgomery Ward Catalog Building

Project Scope for The Old Montgomery ward

This Chicago Landmark Building Involves Façade Restoration & Interior Structural Building Modifications.

Structural Building Modification

MUELLER & ASSOCIATES CONSULTING, LLC performed Structural due diligence for new building owners, Finite element analysis of existing structure as required to modify lateral framing elements, concrete floor infills, new building elevator shafts, investigation & calculation in order to determine floor live load capacities, Existing building column capacity analysis for roof mounted structures.

Façade Restoration

Façade Inspections discovered numerous imminent conditions leading to the design and implementation of extensive four (4) year concrete/masonry restoration project to the exterior facades of the building. Considerable engineering was required to repair the building expansion joints as part of the repairs as previous repairs bridged the joints causing severe damage to concrete spandrel beams. Building listed as a historic Landmark.

Services Provided
Construction Documents
Bidding Services
Construction Administration
Interior Structural Building Modifications
Floor Live Load Structural Capacity
Façade Inspection in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014


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