What We Offer

Mueller & Associates offers comprehensive structural engineering services, including innovative design, analysis, and cost-effective solutions for new constructions, renovations, and building modifications.

New Building Design or Existing Structural Modification

Leveraging over 30 years of expertise in structural engineering, our firm specializes in the cost-effective design, assessment, and restoration of new and historical structures, overseeing projects from inception to bidding. As a Licensed Special Inspector Firm, we ensure construction adheres to our design specifications and swiftly address any unexpected conditions.

Quality Project Management

As your project manager, we acts as your advocate, ensuring accountability through progress tracking, budget control, and material inventories, while prioritizing communication to effectively manage all aspects of the project and community relations. We’re dedicated to attending board meetings, discussing project logistics with homeowners, and maintaining community protection and fiduciary responsibility, preventing delays and other construction-related issues.

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